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Bundles of Finesse

Hair Care

I recommend you seal your wefts prior to installment to help prevent shedding of your hair wefts! You-Tube is a great resource to learn how to do this simple and easy step!

You should shampoo and condition your hair bundles prior to installation and as you would do your own hair at least every 2-4 weeks depending on what products you use on your hair. Do not use products that are oil based, these weigh the hair down and makes them oily.  If you use edge tamers do not apply it directly to your hair extensions only to your natural hair..I enjoy Design Essentials and KeraCare hydrating shampoos and conditioners! Anything low in ph balance and rich in protein is great! For sleep always think of your bundles first, either use flexirods or pin your curls with clips, I recommend a silk scarf (applied against the hair) and/or a satin bonnet to help keep scarf and hair in place which helps to protect the hair while your asleep.

You should always use a hair care professional to dye or chemically process your hair for coloring to help keep your bundles healthy! Once hair is chemically processed/dyed it's no longer in its virgin state and texture may change. If hair is dyed or chemically processed you should use a light weight leave in conditioner periodically to help prevent the hair from drying out and breakage! Your hair care professional should recommend you something! I enjoy the Creme of Nature Argon Leave in Conditioner in moderation!

 I do not recommend applying heat daily to your extensions as far as flat irons, curling irons, blow drying, and wand curls. This helps to prevent breakage and heat damage to your bundles and if you are using heat you should always use a light-weight heat protectant (recommended by a hair care professional) to give the hair shine as well as protect it from heat damage! I do not recommend hand blow drying your bundles after washing at home, hang them to dry on a clothing hanger for pants after wash and allow them to air dry to prevent heat damage and shedding! 

Our lace frontals, silk and lace closures are great for protective styling where you can treat your natural hair under neath your sew in or custom unit (wig) without stressing it with heat and products while attempting to blend it with your extensions. Flexi rods are the best for curls with out using heat!

 Always contact a hair care professional for your hair care needs these are only my recommendations! I follow these same steps to maintain healthy hair bundles to get the best possible use out of them! You can reuse your bundles for multiple installs and if they start to thin out just add a new bundle!